Ægir is the Coastal Museum's aquaculture department. Our responsibility is to disseminate and document past and contemporary aquaculture. With us, you can immerse yourself in the pioneering era of aquaculture in the 60s and 70s or visit a fully operated, modern fish farm.

Getting there

Ægir is located at the Hitra Terminal at Sandstad. Here you can visit our exhibitions or join a guided tour to a fish farm. The Hitra Terminal has daily arrivals of the express boat from Trondheim, Kristiansund and Brekstad and bus correspondence to Hitra and Frøya. Address: Hamneveien 22, 7246 Sandstad

The name Ægir

The name of the Coastal Museum's aquaculture department - Ægir - comes from Norse mythology. Ægir was the god of the sea, and along with his wife Ran they were responsible for the riches of the sea, but also the destructive powers of the sea.

Ægir represents rich resources, on condition that nature is kept in balance. The name reminds us to build on this thousand-year-old heritage.

The Coastal Museum of South-Trøndelag has been assigned the task of documenting the history of modern Norwegian aquaculture. The museum chose the name Ægir to front this initiative.